This is a prototype of a vibrotactile dataglove built in december 2006. The circuit is implemented using a protoboard for testing purposes, and the communication to the PC is achieved via the parallel port. A ULN2003 darlington array is used to supply enough current to the actuators.


Communication  Parallel port 
Output channels
Output intensity control Software PWM
Output amplifier ULN2003 darlington array
Actuators ERM actuators mounted on top of the fingers
Input channels
Input sensors Electric wire and aluminium foil
Aditional features

Led indicators
Adjustable actuators on top of the fingers with elastic bands



 Vibrator encapsulated in a plastic cylinder.   Glove openings for ventilation.
 Circuit on a protoboard.  The full prototype.



Martinez, J., Molina, J.P., Diseño y construcción de un sistema inmersivo y de un guante con retorno táctil para el modelado de objetos 3D con las manos. Bachelor's thesis, University of Castilla-La Mancha, 2007. [PDF]

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