This is the final version of my first vibrotactile dataglove, built in august 2007. The circuit, which was tested using a protoboard, is soldered using a perfboard, and the communication to the PC is achieved via the parallel port. A ULN2003 darlington array is used to supply enough current to the actuators. This version includes small potentiometers in line with the actuators to adjust possible differences between the actuators. The size of the actuators has been reduced and they are placed in contact with the fingertip for an improved sensation. The elastic band has Velcro and this allows the actuators to be mounted on an existent dataglove (like the CyberGlove) that measures gestures. This new version also features the use of a Nylon glove, instead the green hard rubber, and a custom made case for the circuit.


Communication  Parallel port 
Output channels
Output intensity control Software PWM
Output amplifier ULN2003 darlington array
Actuators ERM actuators mounted on the fingertips
Input channels
Input sensors Electric wire and aluminium foil
Aditional features

Led indicators
Adjustable actuators on the fingertips with elastic bands
Power switch



 DSC01564  DSC01576
Detail of the circuit soldered to a perfboard.   Custom plastic case for the circuit.
 DSC01578  DSC01498
The vibrator is placed under the fingertip with an elastic strap.  General view of the glove. It also provides an attachment point for a tracker.



Martinez, J., Molina, J.P., Diseño y construcción de un sistema inmersivo y de un guante con retorno táctil para el modelado de objetos 3D con las manos. Bachelor's thesis, University of Castilla-La Mancha, 2007. [PDF] 

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