New lab!

It’s time to improve my workspace. The lab is the place where I work and have fun and the same time. Wherever I lived I created a space to tinker with electronics. Now that I have my own house, it’s time to invest a little bit more. Here is a quick overview of them.

First I conquered my parents’ basement:

A lot of stuff and small desk to work in my parents’ basement

When I moved to my own place I started being cautious (you know, I don’t live alone…). I modified a standard wardrobe adding shelves, light and an anti-static mat. I also made a custom standing desk to fit the gap.

It was cool but soon it started to feel too small, specially after buying my new 3D printer. Some time later I moved the custom wardrobe out of the room and made my own desk.

Note that I modified my old standing workbench and put it sideways in order to increase the space available. I had a workspace of 1.10 x 0.5 metres for electronics (blue mat). The new bench is 3.30 x 1 metres. That’s a big change! The top layer is made of the AC6 laminate flooring, so I expect it to be durable and look good.

Now I can add keep improving my electronic lab adding more equipment if I need to :).

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