About me

Academic Level

PhD in Computer Science, focused on haptics (related to the sense of touch).

Professional Expertise

I’m expert in creating haptic sensations, developing software in C++ and C#.

Vibrotactile Glove

Phantom Premium

I design interactive experiences for Virtual Reality using Unity. I enjoy creating new interaction techniques.

I develop firmware for embedded microcontrollers (ATMega, NRF5x, STM32).


I design and make digital electronic circuits.

I design and 3D print CAD models using Freecad/Fusion 360.

I repair broken stuff and hack some other.

Selected Algorithms

I develop algorithms to solve problems:

  • Motion tracking using IMU sensors with support for calibration and biomechanical limitations
  • Multi-camera optical tracking system based on markers
  • Automatic feature extraction from meshes

  • Octree-based depth calculation on arbitrary meshes

  • Interactive particle generation from arbitrary meshes

Haptics Engineer

Adding feedback to the sense of touch when interacting in virtual worlds

Virtual Reality Developer

I love creating new interaction techniques in VR worlds

Hardware Prototyping

I create prototypes to quickly validate designs


Combining maths and computer science to solve problems