Lemonity v1.0 released

When developing objects or scenes in 3D we need to constantly move our point of view. We usually do that using the mouse and some helper keys to change modes. The problem is that it’s a 2D device, we can’t move and rotate the camera or the object efficiently as we would do in real life.

Mouse has 2 Degrees of Freedom (DoF). Moving and rotating requires 6 DoF.

One popular solution is using a 3D mouse, such as the SpaceMouse. This device has 6 Degrees of Freedom (DoF), that is, it can move and rotate in 3D simultaneously. It’s big limitation is that while the traditional mouse can be moved all around your desktop, the SpaceMouse can only be moved (or rotated) a few millimeters, which leads to far less precise (or quick) movements depending on the chosen sensibility.

Why can’t we use the full potential of our hands? Wouldn’t it be cool to move and rotate things in the screen just like we do in real life?

That is why I started developing Lemonity, a plugin for Unity that makes possible a more natural interaction. Hand movements are captured using LeapMotion.

After a few months of coding and debugging, Lemonity is finally available on the Unity Asset Store.

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