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Led training stopwatch

Tired of having to clear ant set a standard stopwatch every time I wanted to rest during my daily training, I decided it was time to build a custom one. Yeah it would have been easier to download an android app, but you have to unlock the screen every time and, what’s more important, where’s […]

UV exposure box

I used to make my own circuits with the toner transfer method. However, it has a lot of drawbacks, especially for SMD components with fine pitch. The first step to high resolution PCBs is building my own ultraviolet exposure box. Instead of using UV tubes, I’ve made an array of UV leds. They are cheaper, […]

Driving simulator touchpad

When using a driving cockpit for simulators like rFactor 2, a pointing device is mandatory to interact with the user interface. Not only it is necessary to move from one menu to other, but also to adjust the car and race settings. Some cockpits include a custom tray and a mouse, but it requires a […]

Testing Motion Parallax

This video shows an early test I did in 2013 motivated by Johnny Chung Lee and his Wii Remote head tracking. While he uses a Wii Remote to perform the tracking, I used a PhaseSpace active optical tracking system we have at the university. I developed the software using the great Ogre3D rendering engine. In […]