Sensaglove v0

This is a prototype of a vibrotactile dataglove built in december 2006. The circuit is implemented using a protoboard for testing purposes, and the communication to the PC is achieved via the parallel port. A ULN2003 darlington array is used to supply enough current to the actuators.


Communication  Parallel port
Output channels 5
Output intensity control Software PWM
Output amplifier ULN2003 darlington array
Actuators ERM actuators mounted on top of the fingers
Input channels 5
Input sensors Electric wire and aluminium foil
Aditional features Led indicators
Adjustable actuators on top of the fingers with elastic bands


Martinez, J., Molina, J.P., Diseño y construcción de un sistema inmersivo y de un guante con retorno táctil para el modelado de objetos 3D con las manos. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Castilla-La Mancha, 2007. [PDF]