Portfolio by Category: Research

Obstetric Simulator

Obstetric simulator to identify the fetus head position and the cervical effacement using haptic technology

Perception of Shape, Size and Weight with a Vibrotactile Glove

Development of a vibrotactile dataglove composed of 11 ERM actuators in an experiment to identify 3D shape, sizes and weights.

3D Video Conference System based on Multi-Camera Motion Parallax

Video conference system based on multiple cameras and face tracking to provide a 3D effect using motion parallax.

Immersive 3D Modeler with Vibrotactile Feedback

3D mesh modeler with vibrotactile feedback and natural interaction

Texture and 2D Shape Recognition using Vibrotactile Feedback

Evaluation of haptic feedback methods for texture and shape discrimination

Vitaki Vibrotactile Prototyping

A powerful set of tools created to prototype vibrotactile feedback.

Sensaglove v2

First prototype of the vibrotactile glove using an AVR microcontroller

Sensaglove v1

This is the final version of my first vibrotactile dataglove, built in august 2007.

Sensaglove v0

My first proof of concept of a vibrotactile glove