Gloveone creator

I've been asked many times about the history of Gloveone, and how it was conceived. That's why I've digged in the past to let you know how it happened and how it evolved. 


Hello Glove! SensaGlove v0

I was in the last year of BsC when José Pascual Molina, professor and one of the founders of the LoUISE research group at Castilla-La Mancha University (UCLM) talked to me about one problem they had at their Virtual Reality laboratory in Albacete (Spain). They had experience with many Virtual Reality devices such as head mounted displays, tracking systems, and gloves. However, all these devices were focused on the sight and hearing senses, and none of them let the user interact naturally and feel what they touched on their virtual environment. There were some haptic gloves available in the market but their features were very basic, and the price was unaffordable even for the University. For that reason, he proposed me to develop our own haptic glove. 

From time to time is good to have a place to write what comes to your mind. Let's start the Blog section!