Vitaki Vibrotactile Prototyping

The Vitaki Toolkit is a powerful set of tools created to provide vibrotactile feedback in Virtual Environments and videogames. This is the electronic controller, and the core of the toolkit.

The electronic controller is built around a Teensy 2.0 AVR controller, powered by an Atmel ATmega32u4 chip. The controller provides 16 outputs, but it has been designed to be scalable, so new layers can be efficiently stacked on top of the PCB to support more outputs. Aside from this, one of the main features is the ability to perform overdrive and active braking to improve the response of ERM actuators. A programmable knob has been added to the last prototype, which is usually used by the users to adjust the vibration intensity to their preferences.



Communication  USB
Power USB/External adapter
Output channels 16 (scalable)
Output intensity control Hardware PWM (4096 steps)
Output amplifier L293D H-Bridges
Actuators ERM actuators mounted on the fingertips
Input channels 1
Input sensors Analog potentiometer
Microcontroller Teensy 2.0 (ATMega32u4)
Additional features On/Off switch, bicolor led status, programmable knob