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Lemonity v1.0 released

31/01/2020 No comments

When developing objects or scenes in 3D we need to constantly move our point of view. We usually do that using the mouse and some helper keys to change modes. The problem is that it’s a 2D device, we can’t move and rotate the camera or the object efficiently as we would do in real […]

Creating haptics using Signed Distance Functions (SDF)

23/01/2020 1 Comment

Signed Distance Functions (SDF) are a great tool to efficiently and accurately calculate haptics. Using mathematics to implicitly define regular objects is easier than expected.

New lab!

22/08/2019 No comments

It’s time to improve my workspace. The lab is the place where I work and have fun and the same time. Wherever I lived I created a space to tinker with electronics. Now that I have my own house, it’s time to invest a little bit more. Here is a quick overview of them. First […]


Haptics Engineer

Adding feedback to the sense of touch when interacting in virtual worlds

Virtual Reality Developer

I love creating new interaction techniques in VR worlds

Hardware Prototyping

I create prototypes to quickly validate designs


Combining maths and computer science to solve problems